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About This Service
This includes Cadid work usually set in the streets.

The key element with Street photgraphy is that it is impromptu; which means trying to takes adavantage of the unplanned (sponaneous).

If the work relates to an exsiting project the Images are provided at no cost.
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Free if I'm in the street - Contact for Pricing
Individual unaltered images provided at no cost
Editing available at a cost
Individuals can makes prints, at their cost
Free Images are not available for distribution
Comercial - Contact for Pricing
Price dependant on assignment requirements


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About This Service
I'm always open to exploring the oppertunity of using this approach for commercial (or for individuals) work; however the bulk of this work is available in Print format.

A store for buying Prints is being developed.
Individuals - Contact for Pricing
You'll have to discuse it wilh me
Commercial - Contact for Pricing
Looking for an alternate product image? Let's talk
Trying to tell a story through images? let's talk


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About This Service
Most of my project work falls in this category. I am always open to looking at projects.

Please contact me with potential assignments.
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